Connect to your Divine Nature

by Cindy Dunn

Everyday we should be connecting with the divine. Whatever that means for you.  Some people believe in God, others in Allah.  It doesn’t matter what name your divine goes by because it is all the same.  


When I mean that everyday you should be connecting to the divine I mean connecting to what makes you human. What makes you tick.  Some people have creative talents such as painting.  Others are more physically inclined and they work out or practice yoga.  

Whether that be through meditation, prayer, automatic writing, taking a walk in nature or practicing yoga.  
Connecting to our divine nature is a necessary to implement positive change in our life for the better.  
When we connect to our divine nature, we are more relaxed, we’re doing something good for our body physically as emotionally and spiritually.  

You will see an impact on your moods, your body, your spirit. 

Also doing something that makes you feel good can raise your vibrations and connects you to your divinity. 

We are all special and have special talents and have something to contribute.  And we have to be performing at our highest capacity to carry out that purpose.  

May you receive this message, aligned to your highest good. 

Cindy Dunn, RN