Crystals for Self Love

by Cindy Dunn


Since we are focusing on Self Love for the Launch of Mamaste Club, I wanted to introduce you to some crystals that are perfect for bringing in the energy of Love & Heart Chakra Healing.  

Crystals carry an energetic vibration that when you hold them, wear them or work with them such as in a holistic healing setting, you can align to that vibration.  When you align to the vibration of the crystal, you then emit the same wavelength and therefore the correspondence.  In this case, the crystals we are focusing on are aligned to the love & heart healing therefore emit that energetic wavelength & correspondence.  

The first crystal is Rose Quartz.  Rose Quartz is a popular crystal and one the most recognized for its unconditional Loving and Heart Healing properties.  Rose Quartz corresponds to the Heart Chakra and to the sign Taurus & LIbra.  Rose Quartz has a gentle & soft energy but it is very powerful in heart healing.  It promotes self-confidence and compassion for yourself and others.  Wear Rose Quartz to attract love of all kinds into your life.  

The next crystal is Rhodochrosite which is a beautiful pink rosy crystal.  In the Crystal Seer by Judy Hall she describes the stone as helping you “recognize the divine within yourself.”  Rhodochrosite corresponds to the Heart Chakra and to the sign of Scorpio.  It allows for healing of the inner child and to bring joy and happiness.  It can also help raise your self-esteem and self-worth by increasing self-love.  Rhodochrosite is a powerhouse crystal for Heart Chakra Healing.  

Rhodonite will be the last crystal that we will focus on.  Rhodonite is an emotional balancer and heart healer.  Rhodonite heals emotional traumas of the past.  It clears and activates the Heart Chakra.  It is also is a great stone for confidence and calmness.  This crystal is connected to the Root and Heart Chakras which helps you feel safe as well as heals the heart of emotional trauma.  

These are just three crystals you can use add into your life so that you can start incorporating love and heart healing.  I like to use crystals by wearing them in my jewelry and having them around my home depending on the purpose.  More on that to come later.  Hope you enjoyed learning a little more about Self Love and Crystals!  

May you receive the message intended for you & aligned to your highest purpose.  


Cindy Dunn