Daily Practices for a More Healed, Balanced Version of Yourself

by Cindy Dunn

We have been talking all about self love and self care at Mamaste Club.  I mentioned why I wanted to start talking about self love.  But now I'm going to shift gears a bit and speak about the things you can do to become a more healed and balanced version of yourself.  

A practice I like to incorporate into my routine is talking walks out in nature every day.  If you live in a city, then try heading to the park and enjoying some time walking around.  The reason I try to take a daily walk in nature because for one, it's a form of low impact exercise.  It also helps ground my energy.  So this means when I'm in my head thinking "I have to finish this or I have to finish that," taking a walk in nature helps ground you and brings you back to the present moment.  The third reason is because it is relaxing.  As I'm walking and breathing in fresh air, I lose the urgency to have to be constantly thinking all the time and let my mind get quiet. 

The next practice that can help you become a more balanced, healthier and healed version of yourself is by drinking glass of water upon waking up.  I keep a glass of water at my bedside for this reason so that when I wake up, I remember to have a drink.  One or two glasses of water when you wake up activates your internal organs, refills the water you have lost overnight and jumpstarts your metabolism.  You can add brownie points if you add lemon in the water.  Lemon water in the morning helps with weight loss, boosts immune system and removes bad breath.  

There are two easy and free daily practices you can incorporate into your life to start you on the path to a more balanced and healthier version of yourself.  \

May you receive the message intended for you & aligned to your highest purpose.  




Cindy Dunn, RN