How to Incorporate Daily Habits that will Bring Peace for Busy Moms

by Cindy Dunn

How do you connect to your Divine Nature when you're busy at home working, with the kids and have time for nothing?  Easy, let me show you.  

If you are a Mama who desperately needs her Namaste, please listen up!  You can still manage your work/home life and incorporate daily habits that will bring the stillness. 

When you are washing dishes or folding laundry, you can listen to sound bowls or Binaural beats on Youtube for free.  The sounds bowls are very relaxing and soothing.  Since washing dishes or folding laundry is a mindless household chore, then it is easy to slip into a relaxing meditative state of mind.  Cleaning the house and meditating, you can have it all. 

Another way you can incorporate peace and stillness into your daily life is when you're rocking your kids to sleep.  If you're children are very young and you rock them to sleep, this is a perfect time to close your eyes and try to meditate and connect with your inner stillness.  If you're kids are older and you don't rock them to sleep, then you can jump into the bath after they fall asleep.  Take this time for yourself and take a spiritual bath.  You can use our Self Love Bath Salts to treat yourself to a refreshing bath to rejuvenate your spirit and energy.  

A way you can incorporate grounding is by going for a walk in the park or in nature with your kids whether you are taking them in the stroller or if they're old enough to ride their bicycles.  This allows you to get physical exercise and fresh air while the kids get a chance to play and get fresh air.  

These are just some easy ways to incorporate stillness and peace into your daily life for busy moms.  I hope you enjoyed this post and continue incorporating ways to bring peace and stillness into your busy life.  

May you receive this message, aligned to your highest good. 

Cindy Dunn, RN