How wearing Crystals Align Your Energy Field to their Vibration

by Cindy Dunn

Everything in this Universe is Energy!  Not only is it Energy but everything in this Universe emits an energy frequency.  

This includes but is not limited to humans, crystals, plants, animals etc.  You may have a old family heirloom that carries the energy of a specific person because they used to wear it everyday.  So the energy of that person is still on that particular item.  Energy is everything and it is everywhere!  

Today we will discuss the energy found on crystals and how wearing a specific crystal aligns that energy to your energetic field.  When you wear a crystal, you're bringing the crystal into your energy field.  The crystal's energy field comes in contact with your energy field.  You're energy field will eventually align to the energy that it surrounds.  

If you wear a specific crystal, such as Rose Quartz, your energy field will start aligning with the frequency that emitted by the rose quartz crystal.  That frequency can be translated to love, self confidence, and compassion.  This is because the color of Rose Quartz is a light pink and translates to a certain hertz that aligns to the vibration of unconditional love, self-confidence, and compassion.  

If you wear a Lapis Lazuli crystal, then you will start aligning to the frequency emitted by that crystal which is aligned to the color of deep blue.  The frequency would translate to confidence, power, intuition, self-confidence and positivity.  The frequency emitted by the lapis lazuli crystal is vibrating at the wavelength of self-confidence, positivity, empowerment and intuition lives.  

I love using crystal jewelry as as way of getting my energy field to vibrate to a certain frequency.  Depending on how I wake up for the day, I can choose the crystal jewelry that I want to embody on that day.  For example, I am going to a job interview and I need some self confidence, then wearing Rose Quartz and Lapis Lazuli will help me feel empowered and confident.  That is just one example using two crystals mentioned in this blog post. 

I hope you learned something new and of value today.  May you receive this message aligned to your highest good.  

Love and Blessings, 

Cindy Dunn, RN