How to Heal Your Energetic Body

by Cindy Dunn

Today we are talking about healing our Energetic Body.  This is not a practice that is mainstream because most of the population is not aware that this practice needs to take place.  Today I will do my part to shed some light and education on this subject because it is crucial to our overall health and wellness.  

As Humans we are multiple levels of energetic fields around our body.  Science has allowed us to measure the electric waves produced by the brain and that is called an EEG or Electroencephalogram.  We can also measure the electric wavelengths found in the heart and that is called an ECG or electrocardiogram.  The body has multiple layers of energy fields that surround it from denser energy to the more subtle energies.  We are not able to perceive this fields just as we are not able to see pass a certain point on the light spectrum.  However, the body brain and nervous system produces our energy fields are they change frequency depending on the status of our thoughts, emotions and physical status. 

Now that you know how our energy body is produced by brain and nervous system and the other organs such as the heart that has it's own electrical system.  You also learned that our thoughts, emotions, and physical status have an effect on the frequency of our energy field.  Now we will discuss to heal your energetic body. 

Some ways to heal the energetic body is to move the stagnant energy that accumulates in pockets around and in the body.  This can be done by movement and exercise such as yoga, dance or cardio.  Another way to heal the energetic body is by smudging with different herbs such as white sage or palo santo.  We have palo santo sticks available in Mamaste Club site under Bath & Body.  

Another way to heal the Energy Body is by having Reiki Healing done.  Mamaste Club also offers Reiki Healing Services and can be found under the Services tab on the main page.  What is Reiki Healing is explained more in detail under the Reiki Healing listing but a very short version is that it is healing of the Energetic Body.  

Crystals can be used to clear toxic ties and attachments in the energy field and these are one of my favorite ways to use crystals.  These crystals include Selenite and Black Kyanite.  A Energy Clearing Crystal Kit is available for purchase as well under the Bath & Body section of Mamaste Club website.  

After this blog post and the products offered on the website, you can tell I'm a huge fan of clearing and healing the energy body.  I hope this blog post shed some light, awareness and education on why and how we can Heal Our Energetic Body.  

Love & Light, 

Cindy Dunn, RN