Self Love Herbs & Flowers

by Cindy Dunn


The herbs and flowers included in the Self Love Collection have all the same correspondence.  That being each of them have a property for attracting love and peace into your life.  Today we’re going to explore more about the Rose, HIbiscus, and  Lavender.

The Rose is the classic flower and an archetypal symbol for love & beauty.  The Rose is found in many different legends and myths such as in the Roman goddess Venus of which is the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.  The Rose also corresponds with the Heart Chakra which is the center of all matters of heart.  The Rose is a magical plant that attracts love, beauty and sexuality into your life.  Rose Tea offers health benefits such as helps reduce menstrual pain, helps calm nerves, helps sleep problems and strengthen the immune system.  The Rose is the epitome of classic love and for good reason.  

The Hibiscus is a personal favorite of mine because I happen to own a Hibiscus tree.  The Hibiscus flower is gorgeous when fully bloomed and it attracts Hummingbirds.  The hibiscus correspond to the element of water and the Planet Venus which is named after the Roman goddess Venus.  The hibiscus is used to welcome love & lust into your life as well as increasing your psychic abilities and inducing dreams.  The Hibiscus flower tea has many health benefits such as lowers blood pressure, weight loss, antioxidants & boosting the immune system.  To wrap up, the Hibiscus Flower is all that and some, and that’s why I love it!

Lavender was used in the Self Love Collection not only because of it’s properties for attracting love but for its ability to bring tranquility.  The Lavender scent  is calming and promotes harmony within the person.  Use before bed to promote sleep and good dreams.  Lavender can be used by itself or in combination with other herbs such as palo santo to cleanse the energy of a room.  Lavender is used in skin care products to soothe and calm the skin and reduce redness.  Lavender can help with headaches, muscle pain, and quickly healing any cut and scrapes.  

These are three different herbs and flowers that when incorporated into your self care routine, will invite love and beauty into your life.  If you are wanting to feel sexy, recharged and refreshed?  Then check out the Self Love Bath Salts!  Once the day is over and you have some time for yourself, draw yourself a nice long bath.  Add the Self Love Bath salts to enjoy a truly magical & loving bath experience.  

May you receive the message intended for you & aligned to your highest purpose.  


Cindy Dunn, RN