About Mamaste Club

Mamaste Club was created to inspire and build a community of women who are aligned to becoming balanced in mind, body and spirit.  Women who value high quality natural products that help to heal and nourish the body & spirit.  It was built to bring together women who choose to balance their lives so that they may reach their highest potential.  I am the Founder of Mamaste Club, my name is Cindy Dunn and I am so honored that you are here.  

I started Mamaste Club because I wanted to bring my medical experience as a nurse and shift it into an alternative & holistic approach.  I have been a nurse for 10 years in two of the Top Hospitals in New Jersey & North Carolina.  I worked in Acute Care Units and have seen and taken care of some very sick people. 

Along my journey, I have noticed that chronic illnesses are physical manifestations of imbalances in the body.  These imbalances can be inactive or overactive chakra or energy centers, dense stagnant energy in the aura, sleep problems, fatigue, irritability, stress, anxiety, and not feeling safe.  My years of nursing people back to health and my passion for holistic, metaphysical and spirituality merged together to create Mamaste Club.  

Mamaste Club offers a variety of services and products to help you reach your highest potential in a balanced and holistic way.  The services that Mamaste Club offers to heal the energy body is Reiki Healing. The other services provided include hypnotherapy and psychic readings.  The bath and crystal products are only the highest of quality and made in house at Mamaste Club.  

I hope you learned a little bit about what is it we do here at Mamaste Club and what it is we’re about.  

Love & Blessings, 

Cindy Dunn, RN

Founder of Mamaste Club